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Trillium Health Merges With MOCHA Center

Dr. William Valenti
Dr. William Valenti

After collaborating for years, Trillium Health and MOCHA are joining forces. Trillium is dedicated to LGBT Health, and the MOCHA center to reaching LGBT communities of color.

"Young men between the ages of 13 and 26, young men who have sex with men of color account for almost 50-percent of new HIV infections in the United States," said Dr. William Valenti, senior vice president and staff physician at Trillium Health. He’s been connected to the evolution of much of the prevention and treatment of HIV in Rochester for decades.

The paring of Trillium Health and MOCHA is expected to benefit both organizations. It allows a focus on HIV prevention among men who have sex with men of color, the highest risk group of this era, according to Dr. Valenti.

"New York's State's initiative to reduce new infections to less than 750 by 2020 is linked directly to what we're doing at Trillium and MOCHA."

Valenti says men who have sex with men of color are a high priority of the state's effort to end the HIV epidemic, and working with MOCHA can help Trillium help these men.

"Two organizations who've been in the HIV...dealt with HIV activity for 30 years, and we are speaking with one voice and speaking the mantra - that HIV testing and linkage to HIV care are absolutely critical here."

The two organizations and brands will continue their work in LGBT healthcare in Rochester.

"We are a one-stop shop, where we do prevention and treatment under one roof. And we're essentially one organization - two different brands - but one organization. Very exciting!"