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D.A. Announces Party Switch

Members of the Monroe County Republican Committee applaud Sandra Doorley at her announcement.
Veronica Volk
Members of the Monroe County Republican Committee applaud Sandra Doorley at her announcement.

Sandra Doorley announces she will run for reelection of Monroe County District Attorney as a Republican.

Doorley says she made the party switch for personal reasons, and that her values are more closely aligned with the Republican Party of Monroe County.

"I believe that this change allows me to focus on really what is truly important, and what is important is keeping your families safe, keeping your streets safe, in an environment where my work is valued and supported."

Doorley says voters should focus more attention on her accomplishments than on her political affiliation.

"Judge me by the work that I've done. Look at what I've done as district attorney for the last three years. Look at the high conviction rate. Look at the solve-ability of the homicides over the last two years, and that the District Attorneys Office has had a 97% trial conviction rate on homicides."

Doorley was elected to Monroe County D.A. in 2011, after working in the office for 20 years. She is the first woman to hold the position.

Sponsor Message

Dave Garretson of the Monroe County Democratic Committee released the following statement after Doorley's announcement:

“Today’s announcement is a disappointment to voters who elected Sandra Doorley believing that she would serve as a strong and independent prosecutor. Republicans in our county face ongoing state and federal investigations, with active indictments on bid-rigging and other public corruption charges. The voters of Monroe County deserve a strong and independent prosecutor. The Democratic Party will be fielding such a candidate this fall.”

Veronica Volk is a senior editor and producer for WXXI News.