Coming up on Connections: Friday, December 15

Dec 14, 2017


First hour: What is fair trade?

Second hour: Helping the homeless find permanent housing

What is fair trade? What is direct trade? And what's the difference? We hear about companies that deal in these practices, but if you were asked to define them, could you? We'll talk to business owners who will help us understand what they mean. Our guests:

  • Paola Macas Betchart, workers rights advocate at the Worker Justice Center of New York, and founder of Nua Imports
  • Renee Colon, co-owner of Fuego Coffee Roasters
  • Gavin Thomas, co-founder of This Good World
  • Maya Spaull, vice president of the manufacturing program at Fair Trade USA

Then in our second hour, a local nonprofit is helping the homeless find permanent housing. We'll talk to the founders about why they think a housing-first model makes for better outcomes in health, education, and in keeping families together. Our guests:

  • Nicholas Coulter, co-founder of Person Centered Housing Options
  • Charlie Albanese, co-founder of Person Centered Housing Options
  • Enrique Arcelay, veteran of Person Centered Housing Options