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The sounds of bagpipes and a carillon opened the ceremony as 3 University NROTC Honor Guard members stood at attention, presenting a United States flag in the Eastman Quad at the University of Rochester Sunday afternoon.

They would continue to rotate members and pass along on the flag  in 15 minute intervals, to honor the victims of 9/11.

Midshipmen 2nd Class James Doherty was one of these members, and is originally from White Plains, New York, about an hour outside of New York City.


Local Veterans Commemorated the 20th Anniversary of the Greater Rochester Vietnam Veterans Memorial Saturday afternoon.

The event recognizes the many lives that have been touched since its inception in 1996.

Chuck Macaluso, President of the Board for the Memorial, said it’s a place for not only Vietnam veterans, but all veterans to gather.

"Work on their thoughts, cause everyday many of us return to that, you don’t forget something that’s that traumatic in your life. So it’s a place to go and reflect."

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One of the larger local 9/11 ceremonies held every year  is the one at Monroe Community College, at the Brighton Campus. That is where a concrete memorial was erected the year after the attacks, with the support of students.

One of the speakers on Sunday was Richard Thomas, a 14-year Navy veteran who is also an MCC student.

He enlisted soon after the terrorist attacks.  Thomas says he does look back at the time and think about the unity that a lot of Americans showed in the weeks and months following the  attacks.

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is immersed in controversy after he refused to stand during the national anthem before a preseason game. Kaepernick told reporters, "I'm not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color."

Some say Kaepernick's actions are courageous and will help make a point and lead to change, but others say he disrespected the flag and U.S. veterans. We discuss both sides of the issue with our guests:


A team of underwater explorers that recently found the wreck of a 18th century commercial sailing vessel in Lake Ontario say what they're looking for next is not a ship.

Shipwreck explorer Jim Kennard of Fairport says he and his team would love to find a B-24 aircraft that sank in Lake Ontario in 1944.

“A number of people and divers have looked for this aircraft for years, but Lake Ontario is a big place – 7,540 square miles. It’s somewhere in the lake off of Oswego, but where it is, we don’t know yet.”


The National Airplane Museum in Geneseo is hosting their annual airshow this weekend.

Aircrafts of all shapes and sizes will be on the ground and soaring through the skies throughout this afternoon, at what has been dubbed "The Greatest Show on Turf," referring to the airfield's grass landing strip.

Private First Class Leslie Palmer Cruise Jr. is believed to be the last surviving paratrooper who jumped from the Whiskey 7 on D-Day and will be reuniting with the nostalgic plane.

The focus on poverty in Rochester has highlighted the struggle that many families have in simply getting around: to work, to child care, to school. Now we shift the focus to veterans living not in Rochester, but in rural parts of our area. They are in real trouble when it comes to transportation.

We hear some tough stories, while looking at how local organizations are working to change that. Our guests:

Saturday marks the annual Valor Day.  That's an event set up at MCC's Brighton Campus to provide free legal services and counseling to local veterans.

It’s hosted by One Team, One Fight, which is a network of veteran service providers who collaborate in the greater Rochester Area and provide veteran services in the areas of education, housing, employment, law, counseling, medical and business.

Retired local Judge Patricia Marks is a volunteer for the Women's Veterans Initiative.

We preview the upcoming Valor Day.

More than seventy thousand veterans reside in the Rochester metro area, which is one of the highest per capita concentrations of veterans in the country and the highest in New York State.

Valor Day is a one-stop event bringing together the military community and those dedicated to assisting them. Valor Day offers all veterans, active duty, or reserve service members and their immediate families access to a wide array of free services, including one-on-one legal counseling with attorneys from numerous legal fields, employment counseling and workshops, credit/financial counseling, GI Bill benefits counseling, and more. Our guests:

Valor Day Event Details & Flyer

Work continues on an effort to build a new Veterans Outreach Clinic in the Rochester area, although the timeline of that project has slipped a bit.

That according to David Price, the Acting Associate Medical Director at the VA in Canandaigua.  Price says it now looks like the new clinic won't be completed until 2018 or 2019, a little longer than they originally had hoped for.

That's due to the locations that developers are considering right now.