financial aid

We've talked to a number of students who hate the FAFSA forms: confusing; unnecessarily long, with questions that seem irrelevant. Now, imagine a student in poverty being confronted with such forms. We know that many students who are eligible for financial aid never even apply. But is higher education still a good value? What is the ROI we can expect?

The annual event known as FAFSA Fest is underway, and our panel explains what help is out there. Our guests:

  • Pat Braus, executive director, Rochester Education Foundation
  • Gabe Iturbides, assistant director, Access Opportunity Programs at SUNY Geneseo; and member, Rochester College Access Network
  • Cortez Jones, RCSD graduate and now branch manager, Culver-Ridge branch for ESL Federal Credit Union
  • Kim McKinsey-Mabry, interim dean of academic services and affirmative action coordinator, MCC; and Rochester Education Foundation Board member

Deadline day for high school seniors who are committing to colleges for the fall is Thursday. If they're getting financial aid, they have to decide by then. It's a high-pressure week, and the rising cost of higher education has made it even more difficult. Our panel discusses the cost of higher ed, financial aid, and more:

It's the time of year for prospective college students to fill out their FAFSA forms. We help students know about financial aid opportunities:  FAFSA Fest 2015
 Our guests:

  • Mary Gilbert,  a school counselor at East HS who has been organizing FAFSA support events for years 
  • Kimberley Collins, assistant VP of academic services at MCC
  • Pat Braus, Executive Director of the Rochester Education Foundation
  • Chandra McKenzie, assistant provost for academic affairs at RIT