You can't look at a part of downtown Rochester without seeing how it was affected by Larry and Jane Glazer. They were an important piece to the economic development puzzle of downtown Rochester, but now what happens after their passing? We talk about their impact on downtown and what happens moving forward with the Heidi Zimmer-Meyer, president of the Downtown Rochester Development Corporation.

It was 1995 when the last grocer pulled out of downtown Rochester, but on Friday, Hart's Local Grocers will bring a grocery store back into the downtown area. Is this a spark for downtown development in Rochester? Now that downtown has a grocery store, what else will come? We discuss this with our panel:'

Glenn Kellog, founder of Hart's Local Grocers

Heidi Zimmer-Meyer, president of Rochester Downtown Development Corporation

Matt Haag, councilmember at-large

RGRTA is finally getting their large new downtown terminal. How much is the final pricetag? Who’s paying for it? And is Rochester ready for a subsidized bikesharing program?

We discuss this in studio with RGRTA CEO Bill Carpenter, RGRTA COO Daniele Coll-Gonzalez, and Rich Perrin of the Genesee Transportation Council (GTC).

Schumer: "Revitalize Rochester's Landmarks"

Dec 11, 2012
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Senator Charles Schumer is proposing legislation that will help revitalize Rochester's landmarks.

He's proposed the extension of the New Markets Tax Credit which is set to expire at the end of the year. He's also backing the CAPP Act, which stands for Creating American Prosperity through Preservation.