Victor School District reports 24 positive cases of COVID-19

Sep 22, 2021

The Victor Central School District is dealing with a number of COVID-19 cases. 

A letter posted by Supt. Tim Terranova on Tuesday said that the district currently has 24 positive cases including 21 students and 3 adults.

Out of those 24 positive cases, 15 are from the Victor Primary School. Terranova said that on Tuesday there was a total of 118 students absent from the primary school, with 88 of those absences due to quarantines, which included two full classes of students. The Ontario County Health Department determines who is quarantined.

The superintendent said the district is working with the health department to do whatever it can to try and keep each of the Victor school buildings open for in-person learning. That includes increasing cleaning and sanitizing efforts and continue to practice as much social distancing as possible.