Take The 'Lip Sync Challenge' At the Jazz Fest

Jun 25, 2015

Among the other events going on at this week's Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival, is a place where you can do a little performing of your own. In the merchandise tent on “Jazz” (Gibbs) Street, is something called the Lip Sync Challenge, to benefit the organization AutismUp.

Amanda Antinore performing at the 'Lip Sync' challenge.
Credit Randy Gorbman / WXXI News

Katrina Busch is a spokesperson for the event, and she says it allows anyone to go before a video camera, and lip sync to one of the available songs.

 "We videotape it, we upload it to the Autism Up YouTube channel and then we ask people to go there and share it with their friends , and Twitter or Facebook , anywhere that they want, to really increase the exposure and get other people out here to do the challenge."

"Obviously we have many people in our area who are across the autism spectrum and this is a wonderful organization that works really hard to give back and help all ages and so we felt that it was really important to help them meet their goals through awareness and also some fundraising," Busch told WXXI News.

Autism Up is an organization which helps young people and their families in this area who are dealing with autism.