NYS takes action on odor issues at the High Acres Landfill

Feb 6, 2018

The NY State Department of Environmental Conservation has cited the operators of a landfill that is located in Perinton and Macedon for failing to reduce odors.

DEC Commissioner Basil Seggos says the agency has issued a notice of violation to Waste Management has cited the company for ongoing violations of state regulations and air pollution control requirements.

He says the state has received numerous complaints from people living in the area about persistent unpleasant odors and as part of the state’s finding, Waste Management must take a number of steps to help mitigate the problem. The DEC says some of the corrective measures are already underway.

Waste Management issued a statement saying that they intend to comply with the state’s requirements. They say that some of the odor problem is due to construction at High Acres which is underway to help resolve the odor issues.

The company says it will use experienced professionals to also help with the existing environmental monitoring program.

Perinton Supervisor Mike Barker says that the state has said it will implement all ten recommendations made by the town to deal with the odor problems, and also added more requirements for the operation of the landfill.