Nazareth College establishes a School of Music

Sep 12, 2019

Credit Nazareth College/Twitter

Nazareth College is taking another step in the effort to enhance its undergraduate and graduate music programs.

The Nazareth College Wind Symphony is just one of the orchestras that make up the extensive menu of music performance and other programs at that college.

And now, Nazareth has announced it will establish a School of Music.  It’s led by Mario Martinez, an accomplished opera singer and also an arts administrator, who says that forming a new school will, among other things, help Nazareth better market its music offerings to prospective students and staff.

“It is much better for us to compete, but also, it opens up the opportunity to expand our existing programs and also to create new programs,” Martinez said.

Martinez says one thing that helps Nazareth distinguish itself compared to programs that mostly emphasize music performance is that the college has a strong liberal arts emphasis as well.

“What you get is a really rounded musician, that is coming from a different place, and that will have an impact in the community and will have an impact as a citizen,” Martinez explained.

And Martinez says that the opening last year of the Jane and Laurence Glazer Music Performance Center has added to the ability of the new School of Music to inspire students who perform there.