Greenlight Networks continues to expand, bringing its services to Greece

Aug 14, 2018

Credit Caitlin Whyte / WXXI News

Greenlight Networks is expanding on the west side of Monroe County, adding Greece to the areas it services.

Greenlight is currently taking orders for the town's 50 new Greenlight districts, and President and CEO Mark Murphy says they’ve already seen tremendous activity on their site since the announcement was made.

Murphy credited the support from Tom Golisano that’s made it possible to expand so quickly.

"I know that Mr. Golisano is very interested in us moving as fast as we can and we're doing everything we can to keep that pace up."

Town Supervisor Bill Reilich is excited the ultra-high-speed internet services are coming to town. He says he’s glad the residents of Greece will have more options for their internet.

"And we know in the free enterprise system, competition is good because it not only generally will result in better service but better pricing."

He says this is an asset for not only homeowners but also businesses.

Murphy says moving forward, the next areas to receive services will still be chosen based on demand.

"You know, we're just trying to hire a lot more folks so we can keep up with this stuff because there is so much interest and it’s really exciting for us and we want to make sure that all the excitement that’s going on in the community we're able to fulfill."

Murphy says they expect to hire 20 new staff members to help with the growth in Greece.

Construction is hoped to begin in the town by the end of the year.