Duffy Optimistic for Regional Economy in 2016

Jan 5, 2016

The first Rochester Rotary meeting of the year provided members an opportunity to assess the local economy and prospects for 2016.

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Rotarians sought the insight of Rochester Chamber of Commerce President Bob Duffy.

"The needle's moving forward in Rochester; it really has a good feel.”

Duffy believes if leaders here unite, they can make good things happen. He points to the rebirth of Midtown as a great metaphor.

"It would have been the largest boarded up building in the city's history. It came down thanks to our city team and the state support,” said Duffy. Now you see the Glazer and Morgan families bringing new life, others like the Democrat and Chronicle, you have so much going on."

Duffy, who served under Andrew Cuomo for four years, appreciates the Governor's efforts.

"I saw it in the last four years. I see it now. He is continuously looking for ways to invest in upstate and I think it's tremendous."

Duffy believes the rebirth of Buffalo can be repeated in Rochester and as you might expect, he told Rotarians he is very optimistic about the Rochester economy this year.

"Nothing happens quickly. To me, it's like a relay race. You take the baton and you keep moving that needle forward, keep moving down the track."

As you might expect from the President of the Chamber of Commerce, Duffy's outlook is positive. But he reminds us nothing is promised except for the opportunity.

"I saw it happen in Buffalo and it's happening here and we have an opportunity that we want to maximize and hopefully we'll pull together even more so as a team and make that happen."