Deaf lens: Workshop offers opportunity to deaf and hard of hearing youth

Jul 2, 2018

Credit freeimages.com/Thomas Picard

The founder of Rochester's first film camp for deaf and hard of hearing youth is offering a workshop at Writers and Books this summer.

Speaking through an interpreter, Stacy Lawrence said she wants to share her passion for filmmaking with kids and help them understand what they are capable of.

"I want these children to realize that they are in the same company as wonderful deaf artists and deaf poets right here in Rochester, right under our noses."

The workshop will include field trips to local deaf landmarks and murals. Lawrence said deaf artists sometimes use specific symbols in their work.

"For instance, if you were to see a butterfly in artwork, it's a really big deaf symbol because butterflies are deaf; a lot of people don't know this,” she said. “The same with fish; fish are also deaf."

The Deaf Lens Filmmaking Workshop runs from July 9 through the 27.  The students will use the studios at Rochester Community Television to edit their film.