Connections: Jon Stewart's Proposed Draft

Oct 13, 2016

Call it Jon Stewart's Draft. The former Daily Show host has said that the United States should bring back the draft. Here's the caveat: it's not necessarily a military draft. Stewart thinks every 18 year old should have to sign up for service of some kind, for one year. Volunteering and serving local communities is high on the list.

In that spirit, our panel addresses how service could, in fact, change lives for young adults who haven't gotten too far outside their own bubble. Our guests:

  • Keith Gomez, exploring executive, Seneca Waterways Council
  • Sally Vaughan, director of community service at St. John Fisher College
  • Liam Wicks, freshman at St. John Fisher College
  • Alyssa Belasco, co-founder of Flower City Philanthropy
  • Dave Cuff, local volunteer