Coming up on Connections: Friday, March 30

Mar 30, 2018

First hour: Fast Forward Film Festival 2018

Second hour: New research on Parkinson's disease

The Fast Forward Film Festival is back, bringing a series of short films with an environmental bent. The entries tackle subjects ranging from a future without nature, to energy efficiency in homes. We'll talk about not only the films, but the very latest in climate news. Several sources report that the EPA has sent a memo to staff, encouraging them to use misleading statements about climate change. Our guests:

  • Dr Andy Stern, founder of the Fast Forward Film Festival
  • Ben Mills, director of Chimera, 2018 Official Adult Selection
  • Danielle Moore, producer, writer, and actor forĀ Chimera, 2018 Official Adult Selection
  • Sean P. Donnelly, producer and director of SUPERHOUSE, 2018 Official Adult Selection
  • Kate McArdle, member of the advisory council for the Fast Forward Film Festival, and community outreach coordinator at the New York State Pollution Prevention Institute

There's new research related to Parkinson's disease, and some of it is being done at the University of Rochester Medical Center. URMC is involved in several studies testing drugs in clinical trials, which could eventually slow the progression of the disease. They're trying to measure patients' response to treatment. We'll explore the new research, while hearing from patients. Our guests:

  • Dr. Michelle Burack, assistant professor in the Department of Neurology, and clinical director for surgical therapies for the Movement Disorder Program at the University of Rochester Medical Center
  • Ron Knight, board member of the Parkinson's Foundation of Greater Rochester, and Parkinson's disease patientĀ 
  • Barbara Howard, Parkinson's disease patient
  • Dr. James Beck, chief scientific officer at the Parkinson's Foundation