$10 Million Downtown Revitalization Initiative In The Finger Lakes

Apr 8, 2016

Credit PBS.org

Governor Andrew Cuomo has launched a $10 million downtown revitalization initiative in the Finger Lakes.

This program was first presented in Cuomo’s State of the State Address earlier this year.  It will invest $10 million in a designated downtown area in the Finger Lakes, with that location to be selected by the Finger Lakes Regional Economic Development Council.

The council will weigh several criteria to select the nominee including the fact that the neighborhood chosen should be compact and well defined, and there should be recent or impending job growth in the nearby vicinity that can attract workers to the downtown area.

There also has to be a commitment among local leaders to build a strategic investment plan for the downtown location.

This is part of the $500 million investment the state is making in the Finger Lakes Region through the Upstate Revitalization Initiative that was announced last year.

Former New York Secretary of state Cesar Perales will chair the initiative designed to help local officials attract new businesses, housing or community services to downtown areas.