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"Refuse the Test": Some RCSD Teachers Take A Stand

(Ben Sklar | The New York Times)

Back-lash against Common Core testing across the country and in our community is at a high right now. Not only are parents taking to social media and school board meetings to voice their concerns and anger, teachers unions are now joining in and expressing their opposition to what some call “high-stakes testing” which is supposed to measure student progress. New York’s largest teachers union is actually encouraging parents to boycott the upcoming Math and English Language Arts exams for students in 3rd through 8th grade.

Districts are responding in varied ways, but how is the Rochester City School District responding now that some teachers in the district are publicly taking a stand against the tests?  And what about students? What are their thoughts on this contentious issue? Guests on this Need to Know segment include: Adele Bovard, Deputy Superintendent for Administration with the RCSD. Chris Widmaier, a teacher at World of Inquiry School. Branwyn Wilkinson, a senior at World of Inquiry School.