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RCSD begins COVID-19 ‘test-to-stay' policy on Monday

24K-Production/Adobe Stock

The Rochester City School District is issuing a new coronavirus-related policy for schools starting next week called test-to-stay.

As of Monday, students who are exposed to COVID-19 at school will be able to be tested. If the test result is negative, the student can remain in school for classroom instruction.

However, they would not be able to attend after-school activities for 10 days after the exposure.

According to the district website, this protocol would be a means to reduce absences. It would only be an option only for students who are not fully vaccinated and were exposed in school.

Families of students who qualify for test-to-stay would be notified by the school nurse, according to the district’s policy.

Testing will take place from 6:15 to 9:30 a.m. weekdays at Wilson Foundation Academy.

The district did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Noelle E. C. Evans is WXXI's Murrow Award-winning Education reporter/producer.