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Cuomo will delay election for Slaughter's seat, speculates political observer Price

As Monroe County Democratic Party leaders decide who has enough support to wage a campaign for Louise Slaughter's vacant congressional seat, a local political observer says it's in the party's best interest to not have a special election.

Timothy Kneeland, chair of the political science department at Nazareth College, says the Republicans would have an advantage with a candidate who has already raised funds and has the backing of party leaders.  That's Rochester neurosurgeon Dr. Jim Maxwell.

It's ultimately up to Governor Cuomo to decide if there will be a special election ahead of the general election in November.

"I really think Governor Cuomo is probably going to delay this as long as possible so Democrats in the county can determine a candidate they can all get behind,” Kneeland speculated. “As you know, the county Democrats and the city Democrats don't always see eye to eye.” 

Whoever the candidates are for the 25th Congressional District, the race will draw national attention.  And with a looming deadline, it will become clearer within the next few weeks who the serious contenders are. Candidates in New York State have until April 12 to file the required petitions.

Kneeland speculated that potential Democratic candidates could include Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren and State Assembly Majority Leader Joe Morelle.  Political newcomer Andrew Gilchrist has already declared his intention to seek the party's nomination.