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Rochester, The Next Solar Capital?

Kate O'Connell

Lt. Governor Bob Duffy has announced half-a-million dollars in tax credits for solar technology company Natcore. The credits come as an incentive for the company to expand its footprint at the Eastman Business Park in Rochester.

“There’s no doubt in today’s day and age that Natcore and companies like Natcore have choices to make, they can go anywhere they want and they chose to come here. They chose to bring a great company, a great technology here, they’re going to be a big part of the team here at Eastman Business Park,” says Duffy.

Natcore has had a presence in the business park for several years. The new agreement expands their footprint to include the manufacturing process of their products, as well as their administrative procedures.

President of Natcore, Chuck Provini says his company will create at least 27 jobs in Rochester and make the city the solar capital of the world.

Duffy says those jobs will boost the area’s economy.

“The average wage, I read, is about $98,000 per year. That’s a great shot in the arm for the economy here.”

Provini says the deal represents a crucial step for the company, the transition from the lab to commercialization of their products.

Mike Alt, director of the business park says Rochester is the right place for their technology to become a reality in the market place.

“This is going to be the solar capital because we can manufacture these products at the site and we can take them from proof of concept to commercialization. That is critical going forward, that is what this site has to offer.”

Duffy says the number one priority for the Finger Lakes regional economic development council continues to be filling Eastman Business Park with promising companies.

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