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Local Group Speaks Out Against Crow Removal Efforts

Carlet Cleare
"Rochesterians for Crows" Facebook group followers.

Some people in Rochester aren't annoyed by crows roosting and squawking in the city. Actually, some people like them, even love them.

That's according to a newly created Facebook page called "Rochesterians for Crows".

Jennifer Green is one of  more than 500 followers. She says crows are "icons" in  Rochester;  they're harmless and should be left alone.

"We're supposed to be sharing space with animals here," Green says. "It's not just a human and payment world. So I don't see why people can't compromise a little bit with their daily activities.... The trade off with living with nature is much better."    

Green says the city's efforts to scare away the crows is disturbing the birds’ "natural pattern" here in Rochester. And having lived in a neighborhood with crows, Green says the squawking isn't all that bad.

"I liked the sound of them," Green adds. "It didn't bother me, you know. So it's a personal preference thing."

Crews from the United States Department of Agriculture Wildlife Services are here using harassment techniques to scatter the crows away.

"I guess the people who complain the loudest get the attention," Green says. "But we're going to complain ourselves now."