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Local school districts working to make communities feel safe after Parkland shooting

Tsunei Miyuki

The Parkland school shooting was almost two weeks ago, and local districts are still responding and working with students to process it.

Carlos Garcia, spokesman for the Rochester City School District says they always take situations like these seriously and because of the size of the district, they can offer a number of services for those in need.

"We do tend to be as alert as possible when it comes to these types of situations simply because we realize that students are affected very differently from student to student as well as from family to family."

Garcia didn’t have any specifics regarding any security enhancements, but says the district's relationship with the Rochester Police Department is close, and they are responsive to the needs of the schools.

Jeff Crane, West Irondequoit Superintendent says he made an address to kids on the school's morning announcements show the day after the attack, as well as to staff and parents in an effort to make everyone feel safer.

"We work diligently every day to maintain the highest level of safety possible and the one guarantee I gave them was that they are in a loving community."

He said that beyond parents, students should have an adult at school they feel confident talking to.

"Beyond your parents, you need to find and identify that adult in your building, at your school that you feel totally comfortable and trusting of. That you can go to if ever you needed to have a confidential conversation about something."

Crane also says they’ve always talked with parents about monitoring social media and told children if they ever see anything suspicious, to tell someone.