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Giuliani Calls Out Hillary Clinton on her Husband's Past Actions

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, in a speech to New York’s delegates at the Republican National Convention, assailed Hillary Clinton for her husband’s extramarital affairs when he was president in the 1990s, saying she tried to shut the women up.

Giuliani, who dropped out of a race to challenge Clinton for the 2000 Senate race in New York, which she ultimately won, focused on a topic that so far has been avoided even on the convention floor — whether Clinton was culpable in covering up her husband’s sexual dalliances.

He called Bill Clinton the “predator president” and said his wife “enabled him.”

“You think I believe that you care about the rights of women when you cover up the sexual predatory actions of your husband that would get any executive in America fired in two seconds?” Giuliani asked, his voice rising. “And would put some of them in jail!”

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Giuliani, hoarse from his numerous speaking engagements in Cleveland, said of the somewhat chaotic convention: “This one is wild.”