Zagster looking to expand in Rochester

Oct 31, 2017

The city of Rochester is calling its first season of bike-sharing a success, while Zagster is looking at expanding the system in the spring.

For now, the operator is taking the bikes off the streets for the winter, but spokesman Jon Terbush says they're looking to add on to the 8 thousand riders and 22 thousand bike trips logged since it started in July.

Zagster bikes at City Hall

"That kind of adoption right out of the gate, it really sends a message, that people really do want to ride bikes, and so we think in the spring when we put bikes back on the street and hopefully have even more bikes at the stations. There's going to be so much community interest that we're expecting an even stronger year next year," he said.

The president of Reconnect Rochester, Mike Governale, is pleased with the first year of the program, but he'd like to see more bike stations, and an improvement to the payment method.

"There are a lot of people in our community who don't have a credit card, or don't have a smart phone, and they are essentially locked out of using the system," he said.

The city says it is working with Zagster on ways to improve and expand the bike sharing system next spring.

It began last July with 340 bikes at 46 stations.

The average ride lasted 21 minutes, with the vast majority of riders rating their experience as overwhelmingly positive, according to the city.