Wine and Culinary Center becomes 'New York Kitchen'

Apr 18, 2018

The New York Wine and Culinary Center in Canandaigua has a new name.  It is now called  New York Kitchen.

General Manager Bethany DiSanto says the idea is for the branding to more accurately reflect the many foods and beverages that the facility will be talking about.

She says when they first began a dozen years ago, wine was a larger percentage of the beverages talked about at the center, but with the explosion in the number of breweries, as well as homegrown food choices, it was time to come up with a different name.

“Just like your kitchen in your house, it’s the hub where everyone gathers, and it brings people together and that is exactly what we do here at New York Kitchen; we bring people together with the best foods and beverages from all around New York State.”

New York Kitchen will continue to be a place that will showcase New York grown products and also provide classes and other educational materials about area food and beverages.

DiSanto says the idea is for the branding to reflect the wider scope of New York State food and beverages that are now available.

“And that opportunity for us to really expand and educate, all the people around New York State and even across the states that we touch; we have people come in from Canada, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, New Hampshire. We have people come in from all over the northeast and so we’ll be able to really educate them on all the amazing things that New York State has to offer.”

To celebrate the re-branding, New York Kitchen will have a craft brew and barbecue fest inviting craft brewers from across the state at an event on June 23.