Town of Greece settles sexual harassment claims against former Receiver of Taxes

Jan 11, 2018

The Town of Greece has settled sexual harassment and misconduct claims against the town’s former Receiver of Taxes, Rick Antelli.

According to a statement from the town, officials say they got credible complaints from multiple female town employees that Antelli had engaged in sexual harassment and created a hostile work environment.

The statement says that the town had an employment attorney help investigate the complaints, and officials say the lawyer’s findings were corroborated by multiple employees. The Town says it reached full and fair settlements with the employees.

The town says that several interviews were scheduled with Antelli and he failed to show up.  Town Supervisor Bill Reilich said that he was, "both saddened and extremely upset upon learning the information that the employees shared with the outside employment attorney."  Reilich's statement also said that rather than focusing on "the unfortunate experiences these women were subjected to over nearly a 4-year period, we are fortunate to have settled their claims. No one should ever be subjected to a hostile work environment or sexual harassment. We will continue to work with our employees and off them assistance in putting this terrible incident behind them," Reilich said.

Antelli ‘s lawyer, Elizabeth Cordello, released this statement:

"Rick Antelli denies the charged allegations in Town Supervisor Bill Reilich’s press release earlier today.  Mr. Antelli was not afforded a full and fair opportunity to participate in the investigation or defend himself. The Town gave Mr. Antelli roughly 72 hours to meet with the attorney investigating the matter.  During that period of time, Mr. Antelli was unavailable.  Mr. Antelli’s attorney repeatedly asked the Town’s attorney for a few more days to participate in the investigation, for information regarding the allegations against Mr. Antelli, and/or to hold the investigation at a mutually agreeable location.  The Town’s attorney refused on all counts and closed the investigation.

Mr. Antelli learned yesterday, for the first time, that the nature of the investigation was with regard to accusations of sexual harassment.  Consistent with his prior political strategies, Town Supervisor Bill Reilich has seized this opportunity to mischaracterize the events that transpired to malign Mr. Antelli.  Mr. Antelli remains willing to engage in meaningful dialogue with the Town of Greece regarding the allegations.

Mr. Antelli is deeply saddened by these accusations and this outcome and is weighing his legal options."

The outside labor and employment attorney for the Town of Greece, Karlee Bolaños says she scheduled three meetings with Antelli to hear his side of the story and ask him questions, but was unable to meeet with him. She also says she informed Antelli in December that some of the complaints involved sexual harassment. Bolaños' statement said in part, that, "It is truly unfortunate that Mr. Antelli is trying to turn this into a political issue or to in any way turn this against Supervisor William Reilich or the women."