A snow leopard at the Seneca Park Zoo has died

Nov 29, 2017

Credit Marie Kraus / Seneca Park Zoo

The Seneca Park Zoo in Rochester says that Princess, the zoo’s female 14 year old snow leopard has died.

Officials say the animal died due to complications from cancer and was under veterinary care in the zoo hospital when she died.

The Zoo is also home to Kaba, a seven year old male snow leopard.  With the opening of a new snow leopard habitat next year, the Seneca Park Zoo had already been planning to bring in a new female, with the hopes of reproduction.

That plan will continue so that Kaba has a companion and  mate.

Zoo Director Larry Sorel said that,  “Princess had a distinct personality that captivated keepers and guests alike...she will be profoundly missed by the Zoo family.” 

“We celebrate Princess and the impact she made on thousands of people here at Seneca Park Zoo,” said Pamela Reed Sanchez, Executive Director of Seneca Park Zoo Society. “She inspired people to learn about snow leopards and want to help save them from extinction by donating to organizations like the Snow Leopard Trust.”