Coming up on Connections: Monday, May 14

May 14, 2018

First hour: Discussing adjunct professors' efforts to unionize

Second hour: Caring for caregivers

Three-quarters of American college professors are adjuncts, according to various recent studies. The Atlantic Monthly framed the issue in terms of a battle for not just working professors, but the quality of higher education; the magazine explored the question, "Can a budding labor movement improve the lives of non-tenured faculty - and, in the process, fix higher education?" We'll discuss the move toward unionization among adjuncts, and what that might mean for professors and students. Our guests:

  • Colleen Wolf, adjunct lecturer in music at Nazareth College
  • Jake Allen, organizer for SEIU-Faculty Forward at Nazareth College
  • Pat Domaratz, labor relations specialist employed by NYSUT
  • Paul Ciminelli, Second Amendment expert and attorney at Ciminelli & Ciminelli, and adjunct professor in the paralegal department at Monroe Community College

Then in our second hour, a group of local churches is concerned about the health of caregivers, and they're imploring caregivers, "You don't have to do it alone." It's a series of four events designed to help provide support and resources for caregivers. Our guests will discuss it:

  • Biagio Zarcone, community care manager at Senior Options For Independence
  • Ellen O'Connor, director of community services at Fairport Baptist Home
  • Tim Alexander, senior pastor of Perinton Community Church
  • Cathy Little, caregiver