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Motorists Stranded in Buffalo Snowstorm, Police Trying To Help

At least one motorist stranded on the New York State Thruway south of Buffalo in Tuesday’s snow storm has a positive attitude.

"I gotta say, it's the best way to learn patience that I could have ever dreamed up," said David Carr.

Carr was traveling from his home near Washington, D.C. to Toronto when he got stuck in the blowing and drifting snow.

"I'm in a pick-up truck, in a Toyota Tundra, and there are two-to-three foot drifts. So we're in a very nice parking space cocooned like a polar bear trying to protect himself."

Carr said State Troopers checked on him frequently to make sure he was warm enough and had enough food and gas left in his vehicle. 

State troopers were using all-terrain vehicles to deliver blankets and other emergency supplies to motorists stranded on the Thruway overnight, said State Police Captain Ed Kennedy. It wasn't known yet how many people were stuck in their vehicles Tuesday, he said. 

"Other than wishing they weren't stuck in traffic, they're warm and safe in their vehicles,'' he said. 

Along the Lake Erie shore, city officials said Buffalo has prepared with eight new pieces in its 75-vehicle snow-fighting fleet, along with 4,000 tons of salt on hand and 7,000 tons in reserve. 

"Our fleet is in good shape,'' Streets Commissioner Steven Stepniak told reporters Monday ahead of the snow. "It's in the best shape it's been.''  

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