St. Michael's Church

Max Schulte/WXXI News

 The effort to save St. Michael’s Church on North Clinton Avenue continues. A second proposal recently submitted has given the diocese another option to consider.

Friends of St. Michael's is a group of community members, some of them non-Catholics, who all want to keep the doors of the church open. The group submitted a proposed five-year plan to partner with the diocese.

Max Schulte/WXXI News

St. Michael’s Church has been a cornerstone in the city of Rochester’s North Clinton Avenue neighborhood for over a century.

The future of the historic church has come into question in recent years because of low attendance and financial troubles within the Roman Catholic diocese of Rochester.

In an attempt to save St. Michael's community members have submitted a plan to church and diocesan leadership to take over the campus. Now, they’re putting pressure on the diocese to make a decision.