Pittsford Town Supervisor Bill Smith easily won re-election last month. His Democratic opponent called the campaign a referendum on the future of Rochester's wealthiest suburb.

Smith talks about the issues raised during the campaign, and the ways he would like to see Pittsford grow. In studio:

The Town of Pittsford is preparing for an election, and it’s embroiled in a debate over segregation and housing policy. We invited candidates from both parties, as well as town leaders who are on opposing sides of the housing dispute. Our guests are the only ones who replied to our multiples requests for interviews.

In studio:

The village of Pittsford could have to pay $351,000 in legal fees -- about 24 percent of its annual operating budget -- related to protracted litigation over a proposed housing and restaurant development on the Erie Canal.

A state justice this month granted a request by the plaintiff in the case, a civic organization called the Friends of Pittsford Village, for “reasonable attorney’s fees.”

The organization’s lawyer, Alan Knauf, on Friday filed paperwork with the court detailing $350,831 in costs dating to 2012, when the Friends of Pittsford Village first sued the village.

James Brown WXXI

Parents and community members packed the cafeteria at Calkins Road Middle School Thursday night.

They were there to discuss the Pittsford School District’s response to a botched Black History Month assignment and the allegations of racism that followed.

The Pittsford Central School District is dealing with multiple issues and incidents pertaining to race, as covered recently by WXXI News. Superintendent Mike Pero says the district is committed to making sure all students feel welcome and comfortable, regardless of background. Some students and families of color have said the district has not done enough to make that possible.

In advance of a Thursday night public forum, Connections welcomes graduates of color who can share their experiences growing up in the district. We've also invited district leadership to take part in this discussion. Our guests:

  • Stephanie Geter, clinical psychologist
  • Rey DeGuzman, recording artist
  • Robin Wilt, member of the Brighton Town Board
  • Cristal Wilson, recent graduate
  • Mike Pero, superintendent of Pittsford Central School District
  • Patricia Vaughan-Brogan, director of student services at Pittsford Central School District

Dr. Jerome Jean-Gilles

The Pittsford Central School District is defending its handling of a Black History Month project that went wrong. WXXI News reached out to the district after a Pittsford parent noticed what he called egregious errors in an elementary school project intended to honor African American inventors.

Dr. Jerome Jean-Gilles was picking up his children from their school when he noticed dozens of posters lining the main hallway.

“They told me the theme of the project was to celebrate a hundred black inventors,” Jean-Gilles said.

There’s a lot of discussion about how to make Rochester more inclusive. But what about the suburbs?

PittsForward is an organization that was formed for that purpose. It helped propel Kevin Beckford to a town board seat. We sit down to discuss the progress that the organization has made; the response of government; and the work ahead. Our guests: