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Environmental Protection Agency

The number of young children with elevated blood lead levels in Monroe County has dropped slightly, according to the latest numbers from the public health department.

The percentage of children younger than 6 who tested positive for elevated blood levels last year was 1.14%, down a fraction of a percent compared to 2017.

The data showed some local children are at a much higher risk of lead poisoning than others, said Mel Callan, who chairs the nonprofit advocacy group Coalition to Prevent Lead Poisoning.

Rochester Fire Fighters Local 1071

Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren made a very public offer to the firefighters Thursday. 

Warren interrupted a press conference held by Firefighters Union President Eddie Santiago about brownouts or as the city calls it, dynamic staffing. That’s the policy that allows the fire chief to close firehouses if staffing is too low.

New campaign against gun violence launches in Rochester

Jul 17, 2018
Brett Dahlberg / WXXI News

Rochester city officials announced the launch of a new campaign to eradicate gun violence Tuesday.

Mayor Lovely Warren and Councilmember Willie Lightfoot stood flanked by city and county law enforcement officials as they spoke about the creation of the #ThinkAboutIt campaign.

A coalition that Lightfoot formed last month, ROC Against Violence, will spearhead the campaign, he said.

Jay Hershenson/CUNY

Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren has been released from the hospital. That word came from Strong Memorial on Sunday afternoon.

Warren was originally admitted to the hospital on Tuesday, suffering what her staff said was a ‘significant allergic reaction.’

But she also continued to do work from her hospital room.

City of Rochester Communications Director James Smith released a statement Sunday which said:

Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren delivered her third State of the City address Monday night. In it, she outlined a list of accomplishments from the last year, including that her administration "created or retained more than 30,000 jobs across the entire city." That figure -- among other statements Warren made about her successes -- has been challenged by her opponents. 

We sit down with Deputy Mayor Cedric Alexander to discuss the address, the administration's goals for the future, and we ask our questions and yours.

WATCH: Lovely Warren on her re-election bid

Mar 28, 2017

There were rumblings she might make a run for Congress in 2016 by seeking the 25th Congressional District seat long-held by Democrat Louise Slaughter. But for now, Mayor Lovely Warren has her eyes set on another four years as the leader of the City of Rochester. And she’s got some competition. Monroe County Legislator James Sheppard, former television journalist Rachel Barnhart and businessman Alex White are all vying for the job of mayor. Is the work of her current tenure enough to pull off another victory? Mayor Lovely Warren joins this edition of Need to Know to to answer that question and more.

Mayor Lovely Warren and Rochester Police Chief Michael Ciminelli released crime statistics for last year. According to the report, part one crime (the category for major crimes) are at their lowest levels in 25 years.

The RPD is reporting the lowest violent crime levels in 10 years. Robbery,assault, property crime, burgalery, and larsonary are all at 25-year-lows.

Chief Ciminelli says to date, their homicide clearance rate is at 84 percent.

We sat down with Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren, 13 months after she took office as Rochester Mayor, and less than a week after her first State of the City address.

Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren was our guest for a full hour on Wednesday to talk with callers about  issues in the City of Rochester.

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Newly elected Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren sat down as Evan Dawson's guest on the first hour of Thursday's Connections.  Warren addressed the much talked about neeed for security detail, along with ideas for downtown development, including a water park. You can listen to the entire program here: