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In the latest WXXI Business Report, with Phase One of the state's reopening plan in effect, employees at two well-known manufacturing companies are getting back to work this week -- Hickey Freeman and General Motors.

Plus, The owners of the Bristol Harbour golf resort in Ontario County say they will be closing down after this season but but keeping the property in the family. Also, not-so-good retail news as the company that tried to rebrand former Peebles stores in the area and around the country has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

In the latest WXXI Business Report, it looks like the economic downturn could last a bit. A Cornell University economics  professor says that it may take up to a few years for the economy to return to pre-pandemic levels.

Plus, local and regional amusement parks are still closed due to the pandemic, but they are looking at how they might safely open up again when they get the ok.

Also, if you're looking for a job, Spectrum is hiring 'virtually' in the Rochester area.

Even with the pandemic, some business will still go on with their expansion plans. In the latest WXXI Business report, see what Greater Rochester Enterprise thinks about expanding in a pandemic, plus, Constellation Brands keeps increasing their stake in a Canadian pot-producing company.

In the latest WXXI Business Report, we hear from Stefani LiDestri, co-CEO of Lidestri Food and Drink, talking about how that food processing company has adapted to changes imposed by the coronavirus pandemic, while still maintaining a very busy production schedule.

-Local companies continue to assist healthcare workers and others source enough hand sanitizer.

-And Kodak has comes up with what it says is the world’s largest commercially available puzzle.

In the latest WXXI Business Report, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics now has FDA approval to produce a test that would look for antibodies in people who may have had the coronavirus. When could it be deployed?

Plus, the latest numbers from the state Labor Department show a decline in jobs over the last year, but officials say it doesn’t even reflect what is likely to be an even bigger drop in the upcoming monthly reports

And the Retail Association of New York has a new website designed to encourage people to shop online and place orders by phone with small businesses from around the state.

In the latest WXXI Business Report, you'll get some details on how Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul is trying to help state agencies plan for getting the state’s economy back on track, after the coronavirus pandemic eases.

Plus, a major grant for NextCorps, a local business incubator organization, will help business start-ups around the state develop clean technology for things like renewable energy. 

Also, virtual annual meetings for companies will become a thing. 

The coronavirus pandemic is hitting small businesses hard, incluidng the Finger Lakes wine industry.

Also, Constellation Brands is looking at other options for increasing its brewing capacity in Mexico after a plant expansion plan was rejected. 

Plus, Wegmans changes plans for a new store in Westchester County due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the latest WXXI Business Report, the CEO of Paychex explains how the company has offered to help distribute payments to Americans if the direct payments are part of the final relief package approved by Congress.

Plus, the CEO of Constellation Brands puts out a statement how about the COVID-19 outbreak has impacted the company. He does explain one way the Constellation Brands business has changed: Demand has shifted from bars and restaurants to grocery and convenience stores.

And, find out which iconic Rochester building has been sold.

In the latest WXXI Business Report, Paychex is out with a survey on how the owners of small and medium sized businesses feel about the coronavirus.

 Plus, we get an expert's take on what's next in the ongoing effort by Xerox to take control of HP, and there's some growing pains for Canopy Growth, the Canadian-based pot producer that has a major investment from Constellation Brands.

In the latest WXXI Business Report, we have reaction by area business leaders to the coronavirus and find out how it might affect local small businesses and other parts of the area's economy.

Plus, a new Wall Street Journal survey gives poor marks to the Rochester job market, but a couple of local experts have a different view; and Charter Communications sets up a $10 million community investment fund for the areas where Spectrum does business.