Rochester Public Market prepares for larger crowds on Memorial Day weekend

May 22, 2020


The Rochester Public Market is preparing for a busy Saturday with the Memorial Day weekend. 

Market staff are advising shoppers to wear a mask, keep their visit short and send only one member of a household to shop.

Jim Farr, Director of the Public Market, said on Friday that they were painting arrows on the ground to help direct the flow of foot traffic, as a further precaution for social distancing.

Public Market vendors wearing masks and gloves.
Credit Kelly McBride

“You know this weekend, Saturday is probably going to be busy so we’re getting ready, we’re going to spread, we’ll have vendors in all three of the outdoor sheds and spread out.”

With food shortages, Farr said that vendors selling meat and potatoes, for instance, have seen sales go up.

He said that some vendors are offering online ordering and pickup on non-market days to help ensure social distancing. 

“There’s a group of 5 or 6 that have gotten together and every week now, in fact they’re doing it right now, they have boxes that people pre-order and then come pick up,” he said 

He added that those who rely on food assistance programs are still able to access the same benefits as before.

“So many SNAP beneficiaries are happy that they’re still able to get fresh local produce right in the city.”