It’s a little more painful at the gas pump

Mar 11, 2019

Gas prices continue to climb. AAA reports the average around the state has risen six cents in the past week. Here in Rochester, the price for a gallon has gone up even more and is close to where it was one year ago.

“Rochester right now, the average is $2.57, that's up nine cents since last week,” says Lindsay Kensy, a spokesperson for AAA. “And a year ago, it was $2.64 so we are getting back to where we were last year.”

Kensy says the nine cent increase in one week is not that unusual, as prices increased by a similar amount one year ago.

Kensy adds the increase this week is due to reduced gasoline stock levels and increased demand.

AAA says as the nation begins to exit the winter driving season, drivers should expect pump prices to increase even more as demand goes up while stocks of gasoline tighten.