Gas prices are at their lowest point of the year

Dec 18, 2018

Credit Kelly K / freeimages.com

Cheaper to produce winter blend gas, a low demand and low oil prices have all contributed to pump prices reaching their lowest point of the year.

In Rochester, gas prices have hit an average of $2.67.

But an increase could be on the way soon, according to Lindsay Kensy, communications specialist at AAA of Western and Central New York.

"We are expecting gas prices to stay low for possibly the rest of this week. Of course with Christmas and the holidays and New Year’s coming next week, and people likely traveling to visit family and friends, we may see an increase as the demand goes up."

Kensy says last year we averaged $2.54 per gallon around this time.

If you are hitting the roads soon, gas prices in Buffalo are $2.77, Syracuse prices are $2.58 and Ithaca prices average $2.55.