Firefighter Burned in Lima Fire

Mar 5, 2016

A firefighter from East Avon was injured at a fire early Saturday in the Livingston County town of Lima.

Credit LCSO/E Avon FD

Seven volunteer fire departments responded, along with sheriff's deputies and three ambulance companies.

The sheriff tells WXXI the 9-1-1 call came just before 1 am for an address on Poplar Hill Road.

The injured firefighter was taken to Strong Memorial Hospital with what were described by deputies as second degree burns.

Sheriff Tom Dougherty says investigators believe hot ashes from a wood stove started the fire, when they were stored in a container in the attached garage.

In a statement to WXXI, Livingston County Sheriff Tom Dougherty said, "This is a good reminder of two very important topics. One, never place hot ashes in your home, near your home or in your out buildings. Two, our volunteer firefighters in Livingston County are simply the best. They volunteer their time to protect our residents and risk injury or worse every time they are called to a scene. The injured member of the East Avon Fire Department is in our thoughts and prayers for a quick recovery."