Another mumps case confirmed at SUNY Geneseo

Feb 9, 2017

SUNY Geneseo is dealing with another case of mumps.  The university saw an outbreak last fall, although there had been no new cases since classes resumed last month, until this latest case that was confirmed Thursday.

Officials say it involves someone living on campus. That brings the total number of cases up to 26 since the outbreak began.

Geneseo spokesman Dave Irwin says officials have the usual advice to students and staff.

“Make sure you wash your hands, don’t share cups, lip balm, those kinds of things because it’s a very fast spreading and contagious virus . We’re trying to get that message out that is very contagious, and the best way to avoid it is to take these wise, preventive measures.”

Irwin says the various mumps cases all involved students who had received the recommended two doses of the mumps vaccine.

The handful of students who have never been immunized are required to remain off campus until at least March 1st for their own protection.

The SUNY Geneseo campus is not quarantined, but unvaccinated people are discouraged from coming to campus at this time.

You can get more information at the SUNY Geneseo website.