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Coming up on Connections: Wednesday, February 26th

12 noon: The debate over cameras in the courtroom

1pm: Inside the life of one of American history's most important -- but forgotten -- men

At noon, we go inside the effort to put cameras back inside New York's courtrooms. Many other states allow cameras in court, but New York is one of the most restrictive in the country. Local journalists Gary Craig of the Democrat & Chronicle and Sean Carroll of 13WHAM News join us with new developments, and an explanation for why we all should want to see open courts.

At one, everyone in the house thought he was dead, but Secretary of State William Seward had survived the attack on his life. That same hour, President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. Lincoln is well remembered; Seward, only rarely. Walter Stahr, who wrote the definitive Seward biography, joins us to delve into the life of this former New York governor with ties to the Rochester area.