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Working in the Heat

The heat has been brutal today, but imagine spending time outside in front of a deep fryer.

That's what Charlie Abiad was doing.

He's a food vendor in the city.

Credit Alex Crichton
Charlie Abiad, food vendor in the city of Rochester

"It's pretty hot in there, it's probably about 150, 160 in there," he said.

Abiad says he usually has his food cart downtown shortly before 10 am each day, and works until about 2:30 in the afternoon.

Abiad says staying hydrated in heat like this is key.

"Well, I make sure I bring a lot of water, so I don't get dehydrated.  And you know, lots of ice, to keep the drinks cold.  And that's it man, stay away from the grill as long as possible," he said.

When it's sunny and hot like this, Abiad picks the shady side of the street, and also makes sure to stay under the awning on his food cart.

He admits business can be slow in the extreme heat because people tend to stay inside.

But he sells plenty of cold drinks on days like this.