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Concerns Over Moving Monroe County Fair

A public meeting is planned for Wednesday night on a proposal to move the Monroe County Fair to Ogden.
For years, the event was held in Henrietta, but last year the private entity which ran the event, sold the Dome Arena.

That entity, the Monroe County Fair and Recreation Association, has been chosen to run the fair in Ogden at Northampton Park.
County Lawmakers vote next week on whether to accept 500-thousand from the Association to make upgrades to the park.

Pat Pawlaczyk says she frequents the park, and has many concerns, including traffic, noise, and that trails will be damaged and won't be replaced.
She also questions whether it's legal for a private business to develop public property.
Robert Colby is a Monroe County Legislator in the 20th District, which covers Ogden.
He says this will be more of a agricultural fair with less traffic than the one held in Henrietta.

And legislators vote next week on having the Association reimburse the County for upgrades to the park.
Colby wants to emphasis the Monroe County Fair in Ogden would be much more of a festival, and much less a carnival.

He says it will be a different kind of fair in Ogden, with less emphasis on commercialization, and more of a focus on agriculture and youth.

The fair is scheduled to run August 1st through 4th at Northampton Park.