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Kodak Alaris Changes Division Names

There are a couple of name changes going on at Kodak Alaris. 

That's the company that was spun off from Kodak a couple of years ago. There are two basic divisions in Kodak Alaris and both are getting new names. What was called Document Imaging,  basically the scanner business, is now called  the Information Management division.

Dolores Kruchten is president of that division and she says the name change reflects the fact that the unit is not just selling scanners, it is also using software and services to help companies manage their information.

"With the way that communication has evolved over the last, particularly over the last five to 10 years, with now emails, tweeting, all the social media aspects and so 'document' was no longer a broad enough descriptor of what we did.”

Kodak Alaris has also changed the name of its Personalized Imaging business to just the Imaging Division.

.\That unit is involved in the sale of photo kiosks, dry lab systems and photo paper, chemical and film.

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