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Rochester Leads Upstate In New Green Energy Patents

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New York state ranks third in the world for the number of clean energy patents issued in the third quarter of 2012. The Clean Energy Patent Growth Index shows that the majority of the 63 patents issued during that period went to upstate inventors. 

Alana Fuierer – Intellectual Property Associate at the law firm that compiled the index – says it’s a good indicator of innovation and shows upstate cities like Rochester, Albany and Syracuse are well ahead of the international curve.

“Upstate New York, and Rochester in particular right now is actually considered one of the world leaders in for example battery and energy storage, this would include fuel cells as well, and this innovation is definitely reflected in the results. And this is not just national, this is definitely an international trend.”

Fuierer says the number of patents coming out of the region indicate that the clean tech industry is likely to have a large economic impact in upstate New York.

She says there’s been a particular focus on inventions related to wind energy, and the level of innovation has the potential to attract international companies.

California beat out New York state overall for 2nd place with 82 patents, while Japan topped the list with 212 patents issued for clean energy inventions.