No more swimming at Corbett's Glen

Jun 10, 2018

Credit Town of Brighton

Swimming has never been allowed in Corbett's Glen in Brighton, but this year local police plan to enforce the rule.

Town Supervisor Bill Moehle says erosion has become so bad due to increased traffic that they need to keep people off the banks.

"Beautiful place to look, the trails are gorgeous. We want to encourage people to come out to the park, but we want to ask them to stay on the trails."

Moehle says safety is another concern, there are no lifeguards at Corbett’s Glen, but mainly they are concerned about preserving the park.

The park was meant to be about preservation, he says, it was never intended to serve as a recreation space .

New signs to remind people to stay out of the water were put up around the park two weeks ago.

Moehle says there will be an education and warning period but “no one should feel like enforcement is off the table."

Corbett’s Glen has been a public park for about 10 years.