With lighter mornings and earlier sunsets, AAA reminds drivers to stay safe

Nov 5, 2017

Credit Griszka Niewiadomski / freeimages.com

Mornings will be slightly lighter after turn the clocks back an hour Sunday.

However, an earlier sunset and darkness can lead to an increase in pedestrians killed or seriously injured by vehicles as daylight savings time ends.

Elizabeth Carey, spokesperson with AAA says  it’s the responsibility of both the driver and pedestrians to keep themselves safe.

"Drivers need to watch out for pedestrians when they're backing up in parking lots, driveways, when they’re driving through neighborhoods. Remember that children will still be playing outside after school and it’s going to get dark even earlier."

Pedestirans want to make sure they can be seen when they are running or walking outside, and now that sunny mornings may be back.

"When we're blessed with a sunny morning in the Rochester area it’s a beautiful thing. But you also have to be careful. So AAA advises wearing sunglasses, using your sun visor, so you don’t have blind spots from that sun shining right into your eyes."

She also asked pedestrians to stay on sidewalks. 

For motorists, Carey said to watch out for kids playing outside in the darker afternoons, and remember to change your car clock to the correct time.

New York Assemblywoman Sandy Galef also notes that Sunday marks the start of National Drowsy Driving Prevention Week, an event timed to coincide with the end of daylight saving when the time falls back one hour, potentially disrupting normal sleep routines.

Galef cites national statistics that more than one-third of all adult American drivers have fallen asleep while operating a motor vehicle. Federal figures estimate that 1,550 deaths each year are attributable to drowsy driving.