Drum Corps Associates Return to ROC for 50th Anniversary Celebration

Aug 4, 2014

Defending world champions of Dansville, New Yok, the White Sabres
Credit Leslie Amico, Drum Corps Associates

Rochester is playing host to the 50th anniversary of the international drum and bugle corps competitions this Labor Day weekend.

"It’s a whole three day extravaganza,” says Allen Buell, the vice president of Drum Corps Associates.

After two years away from the area, the Drum Corps Associates returns to Rochester. More than 35 drum and bugle corps groups from around the country will help celebrate the 50th anniversary by kicking off the Labor Day Parade, which has been moved to Friday, August 29th. 

"Rochester holds such history in drum and bugle corps,” says Allen Buell, the vice president of Drum Corps Associates. “It's just a drum corps town. So when it was time to decide it's our 50th anniversary, 50 year old conference and all that history, why not come back to the city that supports it more than anything."

The international competitions and performances will be held at Sahlen's Stadium as part of the celebration.

Organizers say the event will attract thousands of visitors and pulling-in upwards of 112 million dollars into the local economy.

The event runs from August 29th thru the 31st.

The DCA will perform in Rochester in 2015 as well.

Here's a clip of defending world champions the White Sabers.