D.A. Mike Green Blames Politics for Loss of Opportunity

Dec 20, 2011

Monroe County’s outgoing District Attorney is trying to decide if it’s time to say goodbye to politics for good.

This after news broke that Mike Green is no longer in the running to receive a federal judgeship.

Green announced today that over the weekend he was informed by Senator Chuck Schumer’s office that his confirmation as a federal district court judge had been blocked by Senate Republicans. His nomination was then returned to the White House where it was then announced that he would not be re-nominated in the new year.

Green’s term as County DA ends at the end of this month. When it comes to what’s next - Green says he has several options on the table. He says a part of him is frustrated with politics and would like to walk away from it all together, "There's another part of me that's really enjoyed public service and has enjoyed serving this community as a public servant and that part of me says if you believe there's a problem with the political process don't walk away from it try and do something about it - try and fix it and that's one of the things in the next few weeks I'll have to sort out."

Green says even if he was re-nominated after the first of the year - he would withdraw from the process. He adds the ultimate frustration is that he couldn’t get a vote from the Senate on his confirmation.

Green served as District Attorney for the past 8 years, prior to that he was an assistant District Attorney in Monroe County for 17 years.