Coming up on Connections: Tuesday, December 19

Dec 19, 2017

First hour: Millennials and philanthropy

Second hour: Mystery items at the Memorial Art Gallery

Let’s face it: millennials sometimes get a bad rap — they’re often called selfish, entitled, or apathetic. But many people argue that this negative reputation is unfair and untrue, especially when it comes to philanthropy. Generation Y is changing the game when it comes to giving money, expertise, and time. According to researchers, millennials are more committed to volunteering than young people a generation ago. They are also more likely to give to social causes, rather than organizations. This hour, we’ll break down the stigma millennials face, and we’ll explore their motivations for giving. Our guests:

  • Andrew Brady, president of the Rochester Young Professionals
  • Caroline Butler, senior associate director of leadership annual giving at the University of Rochester
  • Jonathan Hoose, philanthropic advisor for the Rochester Area Community Foundation
  • Sean O’Brien, vice-chairman of the board for CURE Childhood Cancer 

Then in our second hour, are you missing a portrait of an ancestor? Or maybe a dulcimer? How about a colonial South American bookstand? They might be at the Memorial Art Gallery (MAG)! More than 600 mystery items are waiting to be claimed at the MAG. They aren’t part of the museum’s collection and the MAG’s curators don’t know how they ended up there, despite years of analysis. So now, the MAG is asking for your help, and it’s invoking a new state law that helps museums manage undocumented items. We’ll talk about a handful of those items, we’ll explore their possible origins, and we’ll discuss what could happen to them next. Our sleuths in studio: 

  • Jess Marten, curator in charge, and curator of American art at the Memorial Art Gallery
  • Kerry Schauber, curatorial research assistant at the Memorial Art Gallery
  • Nancy Norwood, curator of European art at the Memorial Art Gallery