Coalition Of Groups Pushes For Adoption Of Lake Level Plan

Dec 8, 2014

Credit WXXI photo

A coalition of land owners, elected officials, environmental groups and others are launching a campaign calling on the governments of the U.S.  and Canada to move ahead with the latest plan ( “ Plan 2014 “ )  to regular water levels on Lake Ontario. That’s the latest plan that would affect lake levels by controlling dams along the St. Lawrence River.

There has been discussion about owners of shoreline property who are unhappy with the new plan which they are worried would cause more damage to properties along the lake. So the environmental organization, The Nature Conservancy gathered in Rochester Monday with lakeshore property owners who support the latest plan.

Jim Howe, the executive director of the Nature Conservancy of Central and Western New York says the latest plan would help restore balance to the lake levels.

“What no one is talking about is the damage to the river and the lakes, environment and economy that’s happening every day, and every day we don’t enact this plan is more damage to the lake and the river.”

Earlier this year, top county officials from Monroe and Wayne Counties expressed opposition to the plan which they feel could leave lakeshore communities vulnerable to flooding or erosion.

The coalition that is backing the new lake level plan has also established a website explaining its position.