Calendar preview: Going shopless

Nov 25, 2020
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Black Friday, a day of spending, stampedes — and this year, potential disease — may have less shiny appeal in 2020. The forthcoming Thanksgiving weekend can launch some new traditions and provide a chance to take it nice and slow this holiday season.

We’re joined by Rue Mapp, the founder and CEO of Outdoor Afro, a nonprofit organization that celebrates and inspires African American connections to and leadership in nature.

Mapp will be in Rochester next week as a guest of the Genesee Land Trust, but first, she joins us on Connections to discuss the value of relationships with the outdoors. Our guests:

  • Rue Mapp, founder and CEO of Outdoor Afro
  • Gay Mills, Executive Director, Genesee Land Trust
  • Regina Geames, Community Programs Coordinator, Genesee Land Trust

A gorgeous spring is melting into summer, but are kids taking advantage of nature? The Sanctuary at Crowfield Farm is sponsoring a series of events called "Generation at Risk: Unplugging Your Children and Connecting them with Nature." We'll examine new data that shows just how dependent we are on mobile devices -- even at young ages. And we'll look into how this impacts outdoor traditions, fitness, recreation, and more with our panel:

  • Ginny Riedman Dangler is a licensed clinical social worker with a private practice in Rochester
  • Steve Amanis co-founder and president of Sanctuary at Crowfield Farm
  • Carol Yaconalives in Greece and is a retired Rochester city School district teacher
  • Marley Knapp, 7 years old, attended “generation at risk” event this past weekend
  • Mike Johansson, a social media strategist and lecturer at RIT